Avenue is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design studio based in Los Angeles. We believe every interior should be an impactful, transformative experience with an undeniable allure.

Our studio thrives on collaboration with boutique brands, corporate giants and inspired individuals for luxury and bespoke properties domestically and abroad. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our practice and essential in the creation of projects with exceptional character.


Creating marketable interiors with notable, distinctive identities is the core of our design philosophy. The location, demographic and brand ethos of each scope informs our ideation and guides our team’s work through completion of each scope. Over the years, our portfolio has included design work for new-build and renovations for the hospitality industry, including hotel guestrooms, suites and public areas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gaming venues, spas and retail outlets as well as multi-family, luxury condominiums and select private residences.

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